Our Purpose is to Share Christ’s Love with Each Other and the World.

We at First English Lutheran Church welcome you and your family. We hope that you enjoy worshipping with us and feel at ease with your worship experience.

Participating with us in worship is easy to follow, as our complete service order (including music) is included in the bulletin for each service.

Sacrament at our communion rail is open to all baptized Christians. We believe that Christ is truly present in the Bread and Wine. If you are physically unable to come to our communion rail, please tell an usher that you would like the communion brought to you. Communion is offered at all services.

We hold traditional and contemporary services each Sunday. We also hold services at all religious holidays.

We welcome all and hope that you will feel at home at First English Lutheran Church!

Our Guiding Principles

When we are at our best you will see us:

  • Growing spiritually to be more like Christ
  • Caring for people because each person matters
  • Communicating clearly to keep people informed and involved
  • Serving actively in the church and in the world
  • Welcoming and inviting people into a life of faith
  • Connecting and collaborating with people and partners in the world around us.

Our Priorities

  • Build meaningful relationships with people in the local community in order to better understand how to be relevant and connected as well as to be able to communicate about the commitments and identity of the congregation to them.
  • Build partnerships with community organizations in order to participate in community programming and also connect and involve the people of the congregation in direct service opportunities to the neighborhood.
  • Focus on spiritual formation for people of all ages and do so in ways that allow people to connect and access the opportunities in a variety of ways (on line, small groups, classes, one on one peer work, etc.)
  • Develop a communication strategy that is clear and consistent. This needs to include upgrading the quality of print materials, improving the web site, and engaging social media in ways that raise the quality and number of ways that people are informed and invited into the life of the congregation.
  • Strengthen fellowship and relationships within the congregation and do so in ways that create depth and authenticity without creating barriers for new people to become meaningfully engaged in the life of the church.
  • Create an effective system for relating to and engaging people in order for them to sense a call to participate in God’s work in and through the church in order to provide care and service using their time, talents and treasures to be instruments of grace.